Eat To Win Kid's Reality Edition


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Eat to Win Kid’s Reality Edition is a game Where Eating Healthy Is Actually Fun!

Are you tired of eating healthy being a punishment?

Teach your child the value of the foods they eat by using our custom designed fun money where each dollar is equal to one calorie!

Your child will learn to make better choices by paying for their food.

Use our special magnetic food plate to teach them to eat from all five food groups and get rewarded.

Eating Healthy becomes a fun filled game for all!

Keep the fun money in our custom Eat to Win wallet.

They will also receive a food companion guide to help make healthier choices!

Exciting game where you can …PLAY YOUR WAY HEALTHY!

Won the Creative Child 2012 Game of the Year award!  


Recommended for ages 6-17

What’s included in this game:

  • 1 custom Eat to Win wallet
  • Eat to Win fun money
  • Magnetic wipe off food tracker
  • 1 dry erase pen
  • 1 register
  • Food and exercise companion
  • Wallet card