Indoor activities for kids to enjoy around the house

Spring is a wonderful season filled with sunshine, baby animals and optimism for the warm months. However, spring can also bring lots of rain, which means you need to find indoor activities for kids. Instead of staring at the window, looking aimlessly at the technological devices or letting the kids complain all day that they’re bored, try these fun and simple indoor activities for kids.

Play hide and seek
This classic game is fun for the entire family. As a super simple indoor activity for kids, one person is the seeker and everyone else hides. The seeker counts to a determined number (some people count to ten, but you can go up to any number you’d like!) while everyone else hides. When the seeker, also called the “it” person is done counting, they must say “Ready or Not, here I come.” One the seeker finds someone, they can tag them as the “it” person. It is then that person’s turn to count and find the hiders.

Have an indoor picnic
Sometimes you need to get really creative when planning indoor activities for children. Picnics are super simple and are great bonding experiences for families. You can make the meal with your children and educate them on the importance of healthy foods. Then place a blanket in the middle of the living room and hang out while eating your picnic foods.

Rearrange the bedroom
Moving the furniture around your children’s bedrooms can be a rejuvenating activity. Putting a fresh spin on the room can liven their moods and help them forget about the gray day outside. If you’re feeling really energetic, you can even paint the bedroom.

activity for kidsWrite a book

Indoor activities for kids that get the creative juices flowing is great for the family. Let your children brainstorm a story. Depending on the age of your children, you can write the words and allow them to draw the pictures. Alternatively, you can help them write it out and enhance their handwriting and spelling skills.

Go on a treasure hunt
This activity for kids can be enjoyed no matter what age they are. For younger children, keep the clues simple by including pictures or very simple hints. For older children, try using simple riddles. Even teenagers can do treasure hunts; just make the clues a bit more difficult for them.

Treasure hunts typically start with one clue that leads to another clue in another location. You can determine how many clues you want to include. For younger kids, don’t make the treasure hunt too long. We recommend about four clues. For older kids, make it a bit more challenging and include more clues so it will take them longer. The end result will be some kind of treasure. Healthy foods, coloring books or other small treasures make for great prizes.

While you’re enjoying indoor activities for kids, munch on some healthy snacks like strawberries, apple slices or nuts. Don’t let your children fall into the trap of watching continuous television or playing video games. Give their brains some stimulation and spend time with them. Rainy days don’t have to be so gray; try these indoor activities for kids and fill the house with fun and laughter.

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