Get moving this spring with physical activities for kids!

activities for kidsThe snow has melted, and the sun is shining. Spring is officially here, and it’s time to get your kids moving! There are plenty of physical activities for kids that can be fun for the whole family. Take some time to go outside with the entire family and start the warm season right. Put away those video games and television remote, and try a few of these easy but enjoyable activities for kids. We have some great suggestions for games that many families may have forgotten about. There are plenty of timeless activities for kids that can be great bonding, but also great fitness!

Hop scotch: This is one of those classic activities for kids that so many people have forgotten about! It’s super simple; just grab some chalk and create your own hop scotch board. This is a great way to support your children’s creativity while enjoying some light-weight physical activity. After drawing the board, each player takes a turn and throws a rock onto the hop scotch board. If the rock goes outside of the squares, that player must skip their turn. If the rock lands inside a square, jump through the hop scotch board and skip the square containing the rock. You can make the hop scotch board as short or long as you’d like! Get creative, and have some fun!
Necessary equipment: A sidewalk, chalk and a small rock.

Jump rope: This is another one of those simple and inexpensive activities for kids, and it can so easily be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Take turns holding the rope and letting your family members jump.  Add a bit of fun to it by challenging each other to see who can do the most consecutive jumps.
Necessary equipment: A jump rope.

Take the dog for a walk: Some people see dog walking as a chore, but it can be a lot of fun if you bring the entire family along. Walks are great activity for kids and adults! With the whole family, you’ll get to enjoy the neighborhood together, and take a break from your busy lives. Not only is this great activity for kids, but it will give you some time to talk about what’s going on in their lives!
Necessary equipment: A dog, leash and water to keep you hydrated on your journey.

Simon Says: This game can be done with any amount of people, really. Even if it’s just two of you, it’s a great physical activity for kids that can enhance their listening skills, is great for bonding and can really get the blood flowing. Appoint someone as Simon, and one as the doer. Say “Simon says…” and insert an activity, such as hop on one foot. You can also try to trick the doer by saying “Hop on one foot,” but not stating that Simon said it. If the doer(s) do that task without Simon telling them to do so, they lose!
Necessary equipment: Just your voice!

There are plenty of simple, yet fun, physical activities for kids and your family to enjoy. Get out of the house and enjoy the warm weather as a family! What outdoor activities do you enjoy doing with the entire family?

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