Eat to Win Staying Busy This Summer with Toy Expos, Education Expos and More

Eat to Win Staying Busy This Summer with Toy Expos, Education Expos and More

Eat to Win is a new company that is presenting parents and educators with innovative and entertaining solutions to childhood obesity. By focusing on fun, rather than fat, children begin developing healthier life habits on their own though the signature line of family friendly games Eat to Win offers.

WHITE LAKE, MICHIGAN (PRWEB) June 28, 2012 — Jammi Roscoe was a concerned mother to an overweight 9-year old who was desperately searching for solutions to the childhood obesity that caused her son anguish and embarrassment every day. Her personal success with her son inspired her to help others with the same challenges and the Eat to Win game was born.

Jammi Roscoe was recently able to sit down for a live radio interview with Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy to discuss the new solutions that Eat to Win is bringing to help combat obesity in children. The Atlanta, weekly radio show and podcast is broadcast nationally every Thursday; a podcast of Jammi’s interview is available here.

She reveals that by challenging her son to buy food based on caloric intake, she made counting calories a game that a child could understand. If every calorie was worth $1, junk food and other fast food favorites would quickly devour all of the money. As a fun incentive, she allowed unused dollars to be traded-in for tangible prizes and her son soon realized that healthier choices would be rewarded. Using this concept, the Eat to Win team developed a board game centered on engaging kids through fun physical activity.

“We wanted to focus on making it fun,” said Gary Gabel of Eat to Win. “Children will hear our messages much more clearly if those messages are packaged in engaging, exciting ways.”
Eat to Win has been busy this year. In February they attended the New York Toy Fair. Last month, Eat to Win was featured at the ACD Educational Show in Macomb, followed by the National PTA Conference in California.

“At each expo and show we have found a receptive audience,” said Jammi Roscoe. “Right now, our challenge is getting the word out about Eat to Win, and that means a very busy summer!”

About Eat to Win:
Eat to Win was created by a concerned mom whose own child struggled with being overweight. Child obesity in America has become a major issue. An unhealthy lifestyle is a common problem among children and adults. Eat to Win was created to help encourage nutrition and exercise through fun and active games. Please share your stories with us on Facebook and Like Us to receive a discount! Our games are in agreement with

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